Scroll down to see video clips of Dr. Richard Marks,
Our speaker for the 12th Annual Marriage Conference, Sat., March 16, 2019,


11th Annual Marriage Conference, Sat., March 10, 2018

Pictures of our Annual Marriage Conference

2018 Marriage Conference

Testimonial form Ty Juan and Candace Rice regarding the wonderful experience they had at our 11th Annual Marriage Works Conference.


10th Annual Marriage Conference, Sat., March 11, 2017

Pictures from our Annual Marriage Conference



Short Video Clips of Dr. Richard Marks from our 7th and 8th Annual Marriage Conferences!!

8th Annual Marriage Works Conference, March 14, 2015!

Dr. Marks on "Love Equals Value" and 
four words to live by: Goodwill, Respect, Humility and US. 

Dr. Marks on Forgiveness, "Lay Down Your Stones"

Dr. Marks on taking "Your Daily Temperature Reading"

7th Annual Marriage Works Conference, 2014! 






9th Annual Marriage Conference, Sat., March 12, 2016
Conference Testimonies:

Gary and Sarah Kern have been married for ten years and they have attended
our Annual Marriage Conference for many years.  They talk about what they
have learned and how important it is to attend marriage enrichment events like this.


Conference Video's from our 2016 9th Annual Marriage Conference, March 12, 2016 

Speaker: Julie Baumgardner, First Things First, Chattanooga, TN.



Marriage Works MD Conference Video Testimonies 

8th Annual Marriage Conference, March 14, 2015

Joel and Noel V. talk about  how much the Marriage Works conference meant to them and what they learned.  
They said, "The conference was a BIG DEAL for them, really truly life-changing.  IT SAVED OUR MARRIAGE!!"  
We are Grateful for the many lives that were impacted by the conference in such a positive way.

This couple has been married for 13 years and they want to encourage ALL couples to attend a conference like this, as it is important to have this kind of positive reinforcement. They emphasize how important it is to BE INTENTIONAL about
connecting at events like this one.






Young couple is aged 100 years!!



Rev. Jason Evans, Riverside Community Church, Churchville, MD

Pastor Jason talks about what makes up a "Healthy Marriage" and why they are vitally important.

Rev. Stephen Lyons, Bread of Life Church, Aberdeen, MD

Pastor S. Lyons, talks about the importance of "Communication and Effective Listening" in marriage and why it is vitally important.


Rev. Allan Gorman, Harford Community Church, Belair, MD

Why Rev. Gorman is a strong supporter of Marriage Works MD.  He believes in the important work we are doing to make a significant difference in the marriages and families in our area. 

Norma Tilton, President of Marriage Works MD, talks about "How To Fight Fair".  Watch this short video clip.


Rev. Allan Gorman, Harford Community Church, talks about "Expectations in Marriage" and what has worked for him for 38 years.




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Make Time for What's Most Important


Benefits of Children Being Raised in Healthy Married Families.

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"The Good News About Marriage"


Common Myth About Marriage 

Jerry and Sylvia Taylor 50th Wedding Anniversary - What has Worked for Them