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These are 1-2 hour workshops being offered for just $15 per person ($30/couple) for each class.
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All classes will be held at:

New Life Community Center
210 Lee Way
Bel Air, MD



TUES., SEPT. 12TH @ 7:00 P.M. - The Crucial Importance of Trust and Sex
Taught by: Norma Tilton, Marriage Educator and Counselor / President of Marriage Works MD

This will be an interactive class with discussion around TRUST and SEX.  Gain better understanding of your partner and learn ways to ignite new passion in your marriage.

Some of the things you will learn in this class:

  • How to create and sustain trust in your relationship

  • How a distorted trust picture affects us

  •  Why SEX is so important

  • Hindrances to sex desire and good sex

  • How to cope with different sexual desires



You will receive a confirmation email from Marriage Works MD for your purchase.  If you have any trouble registering for this class please email lori@marriageworksmd.org.  Thank you.   


TUES., OCTOBER 10TH @ 7:00 P.M. - The Smart Stepfamily  (See Flyer)
Taught by: John and Tammy Whalen, Marriage Educators

Leading stepfamily expert Ron L. Deal reveals the seven fundamental steps to blended family success and provides practical, realistic solutions to the issues you face as a stepfamily.  This class is based on the book, "The Smart Stepfamily" by Ron L. Deal.

Whether married or soon-to-be married, you'll discover how to:

 - Solve everyday puzzles of step-parenting and stepchildren relationships
 - communicate effectively with an ex-spouse
 - Stop the cycle of divorce
 - Adjust your expectations and learn how to cook a stepfamily


TUES., NOVEMBER 14TH @ 7:00 P.M. - LOVE THINKS for Singles
Taught by: Norma Tilton, Marriage Educator and Counselor/ President of Marriage Works MD

 - This class is for SINGLES of All ages, we highly recommend this class.  In this class you will discover the keys to picking a life-long partner by learning how to balance strong emotions (the heart) with pertinent knowledge (the head) about your partner through the Relationship Attachment Model and this excellent training.  

Learn HOW to:

 - How DO you fall in love without losing your head? 
 - What should I look for when choosing a life-partner?
 - What are the warning signs of a JERK?


TUES., DECEMBER 5TH @ 7:00 P.M. - The True Joy of Real Commitment (See Flyer)
Taught by: Rev. Allan Gorman, Marriage Educator andLead Pastor of Harford Community Church

This will be a thought provoking and interactive class centered around why commitment is essential to marital joy.

In this class you will learn:

 - Why commitment is essential to marital joy
 - What attacks marital commitment
 - How to know your commitment capacity
 - How viewing commitment God's way can bring a lifelong fulfilling marriage.



An Out Reach of Mt. Zion Church.  Much Thanks for them for partnering with Marriage Works MD.

Date and Time: Friday, October 6th—7:00 p.m.

Place: Mt. Zion United Methodist Church, 1643 Churchville Rd., Churchville, MD  21015
               The Educational Bldg. in the Old Sanctuary—Rooms 13, 14 and 15

Cost: FREE to the public as an outreach of Mt. Zion UMC

To register: email: wjbhbmm69@gmail.com or call 410-914-5884

Session is 1½ - 2 hours

Taught by: Norma Tilton, Marriage Educator and Counselor / President of Marriage Works MD



Pastor Jason Evans, Riverside Community Church - four weeks of marriage and relationship building seminars that Marriage Works did at his church in July 2014. We have done training in his church for three years in a row.  

Pastor Allan Gorman, Harford Community Church - 
a marriage advocate that highly esteems Norma Tilton, President of Marriage Works of MD, and her organization.



Upcoming Love Thinks Trainings (How NOT to Marry a Jerk or Jerkette)

We would love to partner with your church or organization to bring this much needed training to your singles and youth. 

How DO you fall in love without losing your head?  
 should I look for when choosing a life-partner?
What are the warning signs of a JERK?
Be A Detective Technique

For more information email Norma Tilton, President of Marriage Works MD at servlead@comcast.net. 
Love Thinks Brochure



Taught by: Norma Tilton, President

  • Being Intentional About Connecting
  • Fair Fighting in Relationships
  • How to Have Healthy Relationships
  • Crucial Importance of Trust and Sex
  • Making the Most of Personality Differences

For More Information: See Complete List


PREPARE/ENRICH  - Training for Pastor's/Bishops, Marriage Mentors, Foster/ Adoption Care Worksers, Deacons, etc.

Certification training offered by Erik Sundquist, CEO of Safe Harbor Christian Counseling, 2227 Old Emmorton Rd., Suite 119, Bel Air, MD 21015. For dates and to register, log onto the Safe Harbor website


DivorceCare offered by Bel Air UMC - See Flyer
Located at: 21 Linwood Ave., Bel Air, MD  21014

Offered: September 13th through December 13, 2017

To Register: www.divorcecare.org


Divorce Care & Financial Workshops for the Separated and Divorced
Taught by: Phil Kotschenreuther

Meets At:

Mountain Christian Church
1824 Mountain Road
Joppa, MD  21087

Divorce Care for Adults and Children is ongoing at Mountain Christian Church, as well as other support groups for addictions and grieving. For more information visit: http://www.mountaincc.org/caregroups or contact Mary Bach at 410-877-1824

Divorce Care 4 Kids is available, Ages 5-12.

Financial Workshops for the Separated and Divorced, offered by Phil.  See Brochure 


Financial Education Workshops

Offered by APGFCU in partnership with Marriage Works MD.   See our flyer on the trainings offered

  • Financial Life Skills
  • Build a Better Budget
  • Credit Finesse
  • Find Hidden Cash 


FOR MEN - Offered by Mt. Zion Church 

If you are addicted to, struggling with, dabbling in, or just want to know more about the dangers of pornography use, you are not alone. Please consider attending this powerful, encouraging, and inspiring video series - which will equip you, empower you, and give you hope in order to win this battle!

Five Sessions: 

The Mission
Battle of the Brain
Strongholds of the Enemy
The Soldier and His Armor
The Battle Plan 

These are ongoing classes being offered by:

Mt. Zion UMC - Education Bldg.
Rooms 9-10 (2nd Floor)
Contact: Rick Edwards at 410-688-1482 or r_edwards60@hotmail.com


Ongoing training offered by Mountain Christian Church

7 Steps to a Healthy Family
Based on the book, The Smart STEPFAMILY, by Ron L. Deal

For more information or to register visit: https://mountaincc.org/couples

For questions, contact Small Groups Ministry at 410-877-1824, Ex. 131.



Fireproof Home Gatherings

Offered by Pastors Neil and Norma Tilton, of Our Father's Heart. Will facilitate in churches or homes this small group interactive study based on the movie, FIREPROOF. Call 410-671-9056 for more information and cost or e-mail Norma at servlead@comcast.net

Love Thinks (formerly known as No Jerks Training)
Relationship skills training available to churches and organizations through Marriage Works. Can be taught in a one day workshop or 3 or 4 evening sessions. Several members are certified to teach this training. Contact Neil or Norma Tilton at 410-671-9056 for more information.

Emotional Connection in Marriage
Available in one or two hour formats. Taught by Erik Sundquist, LCSW-C and CEO, Safe Harbor Christian Counseling, 2227 Old Emmorton Rd., Suite 119, B el Air. To schedule a seminar e-mail eriksundquist@safeharbor1.com.

The DNA of Relationships
Dr. Gary Smalley's The DNA of Relationships is a six-week course that will challenge YOU to take personal responsibility for your feelings, words and actions in your relationships. Call 410-671-9056 for more information and cost or e-mail Norma at servlead@comcast.net

Faith Ministry Pre-Marital Counseling
Available through Word of Faith Ministry, Aberdeen, MD. For an appointment or information, contact Pastor Carol Taylor, 410-272-5173.