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"Benefits of Children Being Raised in Healthy Married Families"

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Harford County Statistics:  The number of marriages in Harford County is roughly 1,442 per year on average over five year period, the trend is up.  Divorces are down from 1,703 in 2014 to 1532 in 2016, a steady decline for the past 3 years.  These statistics were reported by Harford County Clerk of the Court.


Resources for married couples and couples with families.

Marriage LINKS Training

Developed by Dr. Van Epp and taught by certified instructor Norma Tilton, President of Marriage Works.

A few key elements that are taught in the LINKS training:

  • We are responsible to keep our TRUST PICTURE positive about our spouse
  • The importance of keeping the KNOW, TRUST, RELY, COMMIT, AND TOUCH in sync by having regular
    HUDDLES to evaluate and rebalance how these bonding dynamics are working.

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We offer Marriage Mentoring 

Marriage Mentoring is available by certified instructors, John and Tammy Whalen, Marriage Educators.  They are certified with Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, Marriage Mentoring Adademy (see certificate).  

For more information email the Whalens at:

Taught by certified trainer Norma Tilton, Marriage Educator and President of Marriage Works MD

What is Prepare/Enrich?

Whether you are seriously dating, engaged or already married, this is a GREAT assessment tool to help you identify areas of strenth and growth in your relationship.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking this assessment before you say I DO!!

For more information contact:

Norma Tilton at 410-671-9056 or email:


National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education

We Are the relentless champion for marriage, families, and children


Focus on the Family - Dr. James Dobson

 Focus on the Family provides relevant Christian advice on marriage, parenting and other topics. Find practical resources for every age and lifestage.


  • Focus on the Family Mobile App ?- Download here:

    • The Focus on the Family app equips and educates couples and parents to grow in their marriages and raise godly children. It even includes some of your favorite exclusive kids' content from Focus on the Family, like Adventures in Odyssey (AIO) and Clubhouse. A great way to encourage yourselves and your friends!

  • Plugged In Mobile App ?- Download here:

    • Focus on the Family's Plugged In app offers instant access to movie, game, DVD, TV and music reviews via your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device. The same reviews that you've seen online are available to take with you wherever you go. You'll also be able to access cinema showtimes, locations and ticketing, where available. Pressed for time? Simply select any reviews of interest and place them in your queue for future reading. You can also find regular Plugged In features such as blogs, podcasts and Culture Clips.



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  • - Dr. Dobson
  • - Dr. Van Epp / LINKS Program

    Strugglling in your marriage?  We highly recommend Dr. Rick Marks HOPE WEEKEND!

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