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Rev. Allan Gorman, Harford Community Church, Belair, MD

Why Rev. Gorman is a strong supporter of Marriage Works MD.  He believes in the important work we are doing to make a significant difference in the marriages and families in our area. Marriage Works needs financial partners, please consider donating today!  
Thank You!

Make a donation today to promote and support marriage in Maryland.

What will your donation do?

  • Most ministries treat the problems often caused by dysfunctional marriages.  Making marriages stronger is preventive;
    an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of correction.
  • Eight hours of premarital counseling reduces the risk of divorce by 50% in the first five years.

That's just the beginning of what supporting Marriage Works' commitment to strong marriages can accomplish in our society. Join with us to help make it happen!


Thank you to our donors!

We have five levels of donor partners:

  • Platinum - Over $1,000 Annually
  • Gold - $501 - $1,000 Annually
  • Silver - $251 - $500 Annually
  • Bronze - $100 - $250 Annually
  • Honorable Mention - $50 - $100 or Significant In-Kind Services

We would like to thank ALL our donors for their financial support and/or in-kind services; we could not do it without you supporting our important work.

2018 - Jan. 1st to Dec. 31, 2018   Updated: 1/15/2019

  • Platinum Level Partners - Passionate about supporting marriage with donations over $1,000 annually.

A big THANK YOU to our Platinum Partners: 

Grace Assembly of God

Rev. Paul Drost
2303 E. Churchville Rd.
Bel Air, MD  21015 
Phone: 410-879-5340
Pledged Annually

Howard Magness
Higher Together
Harford County Christian News
and Networking Services


  • Gold Level Partner - Enthusiastic about supporting marriage with donations of $501 - $1000 annually.

    We would like to extend our sincere THANKS to our Gold Partner: 

Angela Decker
Baldwin, MD 
Pledged Annually

Marion and Cheryl Zaun
Bel Air, MD


  • Silver Level Partners - Supporting marriage with donations of $251 - $500

We are thankful for the giving of our Silver Level Partners this year, THANK YOU! - See our complete list


  • Bronze Level Partners - Supporting marriage with donations of $100 - 250

Thank you to our Bronze Level Partners - See our complete list



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Sponsor a Billboard

We can purchase billboard locations throughout the Harford County area with the message: "Invest In Your Marriage!" or "Love is NOT All You Need".  You can sponsor a billboard for just $400, which is just a small amount to the normal cost of putting up your own billboard.  There is room on the billboard for your businesses information.  

If interested in sponsoring a billboard, email us at THANK YOU!!